"It's as if a great bird lives inside the stone of our days and since no sculptor can free it, it has to wait for the elements to wear us down, till it is free to fly." Mark Nepo

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dear Furry Friends

Dear Furry Friends,

While we may not have been completely appreciative of all you did for us during our three weeks in your care, we'd like you to know we've landed in the catbird seat for sure. We still miss our first human a lot, but every day he becomes fainter and fainter in our memories. The two humans you gave to us are more than satisfactory replacements.

You wouldn't believe how posh our new castle is. There are many many rooms to explore, and two levels. We can explore, and hide, and play to our hearts' content. There is a tree much like the one we loved at your place with the exact same tube I (Alex) felt so safe in. There are more toys than we've ever seen before, each one more fun that the last. I (Bunkie) especially love the flying feathers that allow me to demonstrate my magnificent acrobatic skills.

The food is plentiful and tasty. The female human even understands we each need our own space to eat. Bedtime treats are provided in the form of lovely green morsels both humans feed to us by hand. We're so happy you gave us such well-trained humans.

There are many soft places for napping, including two laps. I (Bunkie) have taken advantage of both, and am still deciding which I prefer. It's so nice to have variety, and I may need more time in which to choose a favorite. I (Alex) still don't want to be anywhere I can't make a quick escape from, so my lap time has been short. I'm a bit worried Bunkie will take them both over before I've had a chance to get braver.

We've already chosen our favorite spot from which to view the outside world. Our humans seem to have gone to great trouble to create a place for birds to come just for our pleasure. We would prefer a softer viewing post, and will be making that desire clear in the future.

These humans seem to understand our language surprisingly well. Every time we speak to them, they respond immediately, and mostly correctly. As they seem to be fairly bright for humans, we expect they'll get better at that over time.

The same cannot be said for the very large dog who lives here. That is the one complaint we might have about our new home. He seems very slow to understand that we have no interest in being friends no matter how much he wags that ridiculous tail or how often he approaches us with an invitation to play. Since we know that what we don't see doesn't exist, we expect he'll be vanishing soon.

As humans go, you all are as good as they come. What you did for us, and what you do for so many of our cousins, is worth gratitude and more - even from those of us who don't ordinarily believe in being grateful for what is our just due. We would purr for you any time, as we purr now for our new and forever humans.


Alex & Bunkie